Types of Townhomes in Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park Townhomes

Take a look at the types of townhomes found in Lincoln Park and decide which is right for you.


One of Lincoln Park’s most iconic architecture styles is the rowhouse. These charming townhomes were built as far back as the 1890’s and showcase facades in a continuous row with common walls between each unit. These homes feature the distinct vintage detailing no longer seen in new construction townhomes.

Townhome Communities

Looking for the suburban feel right here in Lincoln Park? This neighborhood as a few different townhome communities isolated from the public city streets, but still right in the middle of the action. Special features of these communities include, shared amenities and outdoor spaces, secured entry and included maintenance services.

Fee-Simple Townhomes

For those home-owners wanting the townhouse lifestyle with distinctively different architecture from their neighbors, as well as no HOA. The Fee-Simple Townhouse might be the answer. As with this type of home, the residents own the entire building and land, as well as the responsibility for all maintenance and potential repairs.

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